Release 30 - March 2019

Foot of the Bed Cellars 2018 Napa Valley Pinot Grigio

Winery: Fifth Hill Estates

Winery: Fifth Hill Estates

Same-Same, But Different

In this, our thirtieth month of operations, we are proud to release our first Pinot Grigio. Well, it’s sort of our first Pinot Grigio. The French call this grey-skinned grape Pinot Gris. The Germans call it Grauburgunder. So, since our earlier partner wineries from both Oregon and the Sonoma Coast referred to it as Pinot Gris, we labeled it as such. This time, however, we are working with Ned Hill’s family, experienced winemakers in Sonoma, an area that has been heavily influenced by Italian settlers. It makes sense that this version uses the Italian term as it shares many of the characteristics one might find in a Pinot Grigio from northeast Italy. Notes of crisp green apple, white peach, and crushed rock carry the crisp finish.

Farming For The Fish

The vineyards from which this Pinot Grigio is sourced are part of the Fish Friendly Family program. Run by the California Land Stewardship Institute, this certification applies to vineyards that are farmed in ways that reduce impacts to the local watershed. To accomplish this, winegrowers must minimize chemical treatments, plant cover crops to reduce erosion, and protect native trees to help keep creeks well-shaded since salmon and trout do best in cool water. Vineyards along many of California’s rivers and creeks adopt these sustainable practices to ensure that beautiful wines and beautiful fish will be part of the state’s landscape for many decades to come. 

Foot of the Bed Cellars 2018 Lodi Rosé of Syrah

New Rosé Who Dis?

We couldn’t be more excited to release our first rosé from the 2018 vintage! Crafted by one of our favorite winemakers, Matt Iaconis, this bottling comes from a windswept vineyard next to the Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi. Bone-dry, the wine shows lots of raspberry and watermelon notes as well as a distinct white pepper tone.

Foot of the Bed Cellars 2017 Madera Red Wine

Blend: 32% Grenache, 28% Mourvèdre, 19% Syrah, 14% Counoise, 7% Viognier

Winery:  Ramos Torres

Winery: Ramos Torres

Hometown Hero

Oscar Ramos-Torres grew up in a family of farmers in California’s Central Valley. He attended the highly regarded wine program at Fresno State University, graduating in 2003. Since then he has become well-known for both his farming prowess and winemaking skills. It didn’t take long for him to open a winery and tasting room in his hometown of Kingsburg. Although Ramos-Torres gained early experience with a range of different grape varieties, he is most passionate about working with grapes that are native to the Rhône Valley of France. In this Rhône-style blend, Grenache offers ripe red-fruit character, Mourvèdre adds meatiness and structure, Syrah imparts spicy tones, Counoise provides additional fruit, and the white Viognier grape heightens aromas and the shiny appearance in the glass. This wine is complex and complete.

Where Is The Love?

The Love Ranch Vineyard is located about thirty miles south of Yosemite National Park, on the way up into the Sierra Foothills. At 1,350 feet in elevation, the site is subject to very cool nights during the summer growing season. During the day, the granite and schist soils retain heat and reflect it onto the vines, ensuring even ripeness. Nine different grape varieties grow on the Love Ranch Vineyard property, and Ramos-Torres is responsible for all of the farming decisions across the twenty-one planted acres. He uses techniques he learned growing up in order to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment and promote balance both in the vines as well as the local ecosystem.

Martin Sheehan-Stross