Release 25 - October 2018

Foot of the Bed Cellars 2017 Yolo County Sauvignon Blanc (Musqué Clone)

Having a better week than Elon Musqué

This Sauvignon Blanc comes from a special clone of the grape variety known as Sauvignon Musqué. A clone is a vine that has been specifically isolated and propagated for desirable traits. While Sauvignon Blanc has been wildly popular for several decades now, this particular clone of the grape variety has seen a rise in popularity among winegrowers in recent years. Sauvignon Musqué is aptly named for the highly aromatic qualities it displays. It is less grassy than many other Sauvignon Blanc clones and shows bright grapefruit and tropical melon tones with a clean, dry finish.  

You Only Live Twice

We couldn’t be happier to be releasing our second wine from Berryessa Gap, a hidden gem of a winery located in Yolo County. Like the Rosé of Primitivo from a couple of months ago, this Sauvignon Blanc shows the light body and refreshing acidity that is possible in wines from this off-the-beaten-path area. Winemaker Nicole Salengo brings international experience to the Yolo region and is especially passionate about Sauvignon Blanc. Like the previous one, this release from her shows off that incredible passion.

Foot of the Bed Cellars 2017 Redwood Valley Red Wine (50% Valdiguié, 50% Carignane)

Fifty / Fifty

At Foot of the Bed Cellars, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring our members unique wines that they wouldn’t try outside of our wine club. This release is our third custom blend and our second such blend made with Kenny Likitprakong. Although Kenny’s wines have long been known for their incredible value, he only sources grapes from vineyards that meet his exacting standards. Everything is farmed sustainably, with fair labor practices as well. This wine is fifty percent Valdigué and fifty percent Carignane. In the mid-twentieth-century, Valdigué was often called Napa Gamay. Today, it has become popular among some of the state’s most cutting-edge winemakers and is known for producing a medium-bodied red with lots of bright cranberry and strawberry notes. While our one hundred percent Carignan bottling that we released last month was ripe, dark, and chocolaty, this blend’s Carginane (just an alternate spelling of the same grape) is from a cooler climate and shows a much fresher, spicier profile. The two halves come together for a custom wine that is light on the palate, yet packs loads of fresh fruit aromas and peppery tones. 

Martin Sheehan-Stross