Release 20 - May 2018

Foot of the Bed Cellars 2016 El Dorado White Wine

 Winemaker: Helen Keplinger of  Keplinger Wines   Composition: 50.8% Roussanne, 37.5% Viognier, 11.7% Grenache Blanc

Winemaker: Helen Keplinger of Keplinger Wines

Composition: 50.8% Roussanne, 37.5% Viognier, 11.7% Grenache Blanc

Serious Pedigree
While we are proud to have featured numerous winemakers who came through UC Davis’s prestigious and exclusive School of Viticulture and Enology, Helen Keplinger brings unique experience to the table. Upon graduation, she worked full-time in the Priorat region of Spain, just outside of Barcelona. When she returned to Napa, she worked under some of the most acclaimed names in the valley. Eventually, she obtained positions crafting extremely high-end bottlings at wineries such as Kenzo and Bryant Family. In June 2014, she made the cover of Wine Spectator. This release showcases her serious winemaking skills.

All The Way Up
The grapes for this wine were farmed in a single vineyard just outside of Placerville, California. The site sits at 2,850 feet and is dry-farmed using sustainable practices with sustainable agricultural technologies. The vine’s roots must dig deep, searching for moisture and nutrients in the volcanic soil. These deep roots aid in the development of intense flavors throughout the growing season. This bottling is proof that El Dorado can offer much more than great skiing.

The Trifecta
The notoriously difficult-to-grow Roussanne grape creates a backbone of bright acidity and fresh green apple flavor. Viognier, another grape that can be a hassle to farm, adds lush peach and honeysuckle notes. Grenache Blanc has been added to help create a smooth texture on the palate. This is a great wine to enjoy with grilled pork chops and peaches as we head into summer.

Foot of the Bed Cellars 2012 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

 Winemaker: Richard Mansfield of Mansfield Winery

Winemaker: Richard Mansfield of Mansfield Winery

Down To A Science
Richard Mansfield represents an amazing combination of a stellar academic background and years of winemaking experience. Before focusing on wine, he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Oregon. He went on to receive a master’s degree from the highly-regarded wine school at Geisenheim in the Rheingau district of Germany. Since then, he has worked thirty-eight vintages around the globe, including stints at Napa Valley classics like Stag’s Leap and Palmaz.

The Flagship
The Dry Creek Valley was first planted to Zinfandel in the 1870’s. A decade later, there were nearly one thousand acres planted to the grape. To this day, it remains the most grown grape in the long, narrow region. One of the warmest climates in Sonoma County, the Dry Creek Valley provides the perfect environment for ripening this heat-loving grape variety. This bottling is a perfect example of the classic style, full-bodied, fruit forward, with a smooth finish. Although the grape is known as Primitivo in Southern Italy and as Crljenak Kastelanski in Croatia, its nearly one-hundred and fifty year history of success in California has proven that this is home. Dry Creek Valley’s dozens of Zinfandel producers are a testament to how well-suited the region is for growing its flagship grape.

Martin Sheehan-Stross