Release 15 - December 2017

Foot Of The Bed Anderson Valley Riesling 2016

Winemaker: Katy Wilson of Banshee  Vineyard: Greenwood Ridge Vineyard

Winemaker: Katy Wilson of Banshee

Vineyard: Greenwood Ridge Vineyard

All Eyes On Her

We are thrilled to yet again be working with some serious juice from one of California’s most pedigreed winemakers, Katy Wilson, who in 2013 was named one of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Winemakers To Watch. It didn’t hurt that she grew up with agriculture in her blood, working on the family farm from a young age. From there, she attended Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, one of the premier viticultural institutions in the country. A double major in agricultural business and viticulture equipped her to hit the ground running in the world of wine. Since graduating she has held positions with top-notch wineries such as Flowers, Cobb, and her own label LaRue.

Katy currently consults for some of the best wineries in Sonoma, including Banshee and Reeve. Her wines are represented on wine lists at some of the finest restaurants in the county, and we could not be more proud to share this very special wine.

Back By Popular Demand

Back in August of this year, we released our first Riesling from Lodi, Calfornia. At the time, we wondered if the wine would be well-received by our members. The grape, once coveted by royalty all over Europe, has fallen out of favor in the market; many now regard it as being too sugary. Our first Riesling release, however, was extremely dry and was one of the most successful releases to date, with members snatching up the last few extra bottles from the cellar! This second Riesling bottling is totally dry as well. Coming from the cool-climate Greenwood Ridge Vineyard located just six miles from the Pacific in Mendocino, the grapes enjoyed a long growing season, allowing them to develop maximum flavor and resulting in a wine possessing fuller body with powerful acidity. Since launching in San Francisco in 2009, Banshee has become one of California’s leading producers of world-class wines offered at fair prices. This one is just that, showing plenty of satisfying notes of key lime, yellow nectarine, and white flowers.

Foot Of The Bed Cellars Mendocino Malbec 2016

A Long Way From Home

Many folks are familiar with Malbec wines from the famed Mendoza growing district of Argentina. Up until the 1990’s, economic conditions there prevented the investment needed to improve the vineyards and wineries, and thus the quality of the wines suffered. Since then, Malbec production and quality have skyrocketed, and exports to nearly every corner of the globe have followed. The wines are full-bodied, fruit-forward, and are very different from the Malbec wines of southwest France where the grape originated. In the first half of the 20th century, Malbec was widely planted in the fine wine region of Bordeaux. Due to frost issues, however, it is now just a minor blending component in the Cabernet Sauvignon- and Merlot-based wines. Malbec’s true home is just south of Bordeaux in the Cahors district where it is called Cot. Although young winemakers have recently been working hard to raise standards, the wines as a whole remain quite rustic and quite different from the more famous Argentine examples. They are much lighter and earthier, not the most suitable for exporting widely. Fortunately for us, the grape itself was exported, finding a new home in California. Our version comes from a vineyard in the coastal mountains of Mendocino, where it produces its own unique style.

Green Farming, Purple Wine

Bells Echo Vineyard is located three miles from Hopland, California. Owned by Ron and Lisa Sutton, the family is dedicated to sustainable farming practices, including organic farming. Although they grow many Bordeaux grape varieties, this Malbec has the character to stand out on its own. Showing Malbec’s signature purple color in the glass, this wine is packed with crushed blackberry notes, purple violet floral tones, and cracked white pepper. It also shows off Malbec’s signature soft tannins and rich, round texture. Like other examples of Malbec from around the world, it is intended to be consumed at a young age, although it would be hard to wait in any case.

Martin Sheehan-Stross