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About Us


Foot of the Bed Cellars is a curated, monthly, direct-to-consumer wine company based in San Francisco. We ship all states in orange below. Shipping in the state of California is $12, and outside of California is a flat $15.


Each month we source select lots of wine, a red and a white, bottle and label them under our Foot of the Bed Cellars label, and deliver them directly to you for $15 per bottle.

Your package comes with 3 bottles each month, and  you can mix and match your order based on preference. You can pause your membership and resume at any time. Here’s a bit about us.


Luc Bergevin

Founder & CEO


"If you know me, you know I love people and stories."

My last name translates to Shepherd Wine, so perhaps it’s fitting to be doing this.

I worked on a vineyard in Paso Robles in college, and got into winemaking post-graduation with a group of Dads in my hometown of Los Altos. They harvested their own grapes, and meticulously produced their wines in home cellars. I was lucky to be included in their group, and was paid for my contributions in cases of the fermented fruits of my labor.

When I moved to San Francisco, I was gifted a barrel of Sonoma Zinfindel from one of these Dads. He “didn’t have space for it,” and to be honest, neither did I. The only place it fit was in my bedroom, between the end of my bed and my desk. We aged it for a year, and called it Foot of the Bed Red.

Somewhere along the way, my good friend Roman Beyer put the seeds of this idea in my head. It took years, and a series of steps forward and back to get here, but I couldn’t be more excited to be starting this business.

If you know me, you know I love people and stories. The people who work the land and work in cellarsare so passionate about what they do, and I can’t wait to tell their stories and bring their wines to you.

When I looked for a business partner, the list started and stopped with Martin. We grew up in the same town but were two years apart in high school. I had admired his success from afar (one of Wine & Spirits Best Young Sommeliers 2015, Guild of Sommeliers TopNewSomm recipient in 2015, Chaine de Rotisseurs' World's Best Young Sommelier 2016, and the Rudd Scholarship award winner given to the highest score on the Advanced Sommelier exam), but it had been years since we'd seen each other. I sent a Facebook message to see if he'd hear my idea; and after a half hour drink stretched two hours longer than planned, we've been working together ever since.

I’m thrilled to have him involved, and so pumped to bring my friends and their friends and their friend’s friends great wines every month!


Martin Sheehan-Stross

Chief Wine Officer & Co-Founder


"I'm very lucky that the amazing place where I grew up is also one of the most important wine locations in the world."

Since starting my restaurant career at age fifteen, I have been enthralled by the energy of the restaurant floor. I went to San Diego State to attend Hospitality and Tourism Management School. It was during this time that I participated in my first Wine Wednesday, a weekly tradition of drinking bag-in-the-box wine amongst a group of underclassmen. Although it may sound silly, I look back at these events with great fondness. This was pure enjoyment of wine, without any pretense, without over-thinking it.

Beginning an internship at a local five-star resort, I was soon dealing with real bottles of wine, expensive bottles of wine. They came from all over the world, each with a story to be told. I became obsessed with learning and then sharing these stories with guests, their happiness coming from the overall experience and not just the wine itself. I was soon studying harder and harder, spending night after night in the school library with my wine books rather than the textbooks for my courses.

I am very lucky that the amazing place where I grew up is also one of the most important wine locations in the world. It made it easy to move back to the Bay Area; home of spectacular restaurants, world-class winegrowing regions, and most importantly, the greatest community of sommeliers in the country. I really began studying for my Advanced Exam while working as a floor sommelier at the Michelin-starred Spruce. I have been very fortunate for the opportunity to work in some of the best restaurants in the city, with some of the best professionals around. I continue to learn about wine and grow as a sommelier every night.

Over a year ago my best friend from high school’s little brother’s best friend (Luc) reached out to me with an idea: to bring world-class wines to market at an amazingly reasonable price point. Since then there have been many late-night discussions shared over many great bottles of wine. We are eager to make wine more fun and convenient to enjoy. We are eager to make people feel great about the wines they are drinking. I am so happy to be a part of Foot of the Bed Cellars.

Martin Sheehan-Stross is currently a Sommelier at Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco.