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Welcome to Foot of the Bed Cellars


I’m Luc Bergevin, and together with Martin Sheehan-Stross, we’re building a wine company. To learn why we're doing this and what we're about, click here. Our twenty-first release is highlighted below.


2017 Chardonnay

Vineyard: Sunny Acres Vineyard in Scotts Valley

Appellation: Santa Cruz Mountains

From Martin: "In previous releases, we have touched on Chardonnay’s polarizing capabilities. Although the grape is versatile in crafting a range of wine styles within the state, most people still associate the varietal with the rich, buttery renditions that made it famous originally. While some wine drinkers eschew these renditions in favor of lighter, more crisp wines such as those from Sauvignon Blanc, full-bodied Chardonnay remains incredibly popular. It is so popular in fact that Chardonnay remains California’s most grown grape variety. This version was fermented in oak barrels that give the wine a creamy texture. Still the wine remains balanced, with refreshing acidity coming through on the long finish."

2014 Charbono

Winemaker: Adam Webb of Odisea Wine Company

Appellation: Mendocino County

From Martin:  "Charbono! Although this grape originally hails from the Savoie region in the French Alps, it has found new homes in the foothills of the Andes and the rolling hills of California. In the Savoie area, they call it Corbeau, and in Argentina, it is known as Bonarda. No matter what synonym is used, the grape is appreciated for producing wines that are medium bodied and packed with loads of purple fruit character. The old Charbono vines responsible for this exciting release produced a wine with notes of grilled plum, macerated blackberries, and cracked white pepper. It is absolutely perfect for your next summer barbecue masterpiece"