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Welcome to Foot of the Bed Cellars


To learn why we're doing this and what we're about, click here. Our twenty-ninth release is highlighted below.


2017 Colombard

Winery: Y Rousseau Winery

Appellation: Mendocino County

From Martin: "Although the grapes for this wine come from Mendocino, Yannick’s winery is in Napa. When the firestorm of 2017 broke out, he had to evacuate for a week. During that time, the juice stayed in contact with some of the skins which added texture to the wine. This wine represents a bright spot coming out of terrible tragedy. It features notes of lime blossom and honeydew melon as well as a long, refreshing finish."

2015 Tinta Cão

Winery: St. Jorge Winery

Appellation: Mokulemne River

From Martin:  "The name Tinta Cão translates to “red dog,” aptly named since our newest employee at Foot of the Bed, Bubba, has a red hue to his golden fur. Although no one is exactly sure how this name came about, the grape has thick skins that can protect it from sunburn and also add a deep red color as well as some noticeable tannins to the wine."