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Welcome to Foot of the Bed Cellars


I’m Luc Bergevin, and together with Martin Sheehan-Stross, we’re building a wine company. To learn why we're doing this and what we're about, click here. Our thirteenth release is highlighted below.


2016 Chardonnay

Winemaker: Elizabeth Clark of Airlie Vineyards

Appellation: Willamette Valley

From Martin: "By utilizing oak that has already been used for another wine prior to the Chardonnay vintage, winemaker Elizabeth Clark is able to achieve slightly fuller texture, a light nuttiness, and lovely spice notes, without obscuring the fresh flavors of the Chardonnay itself. This is just a smidge richer, lightly oaked style compared to our first steely Chardonnay released over a year ago. Still, it displays bright notes of green apple, lemon flesh, and honey-suckle."

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaker: Barry Grushkowitz of Hopper Creek Winery

Appellation: Sonoma Valley

From Martin:  "As we continue to explore the diversity of growing regions along the West Coast, we have been very proud of our selected wines, no matter which grape or region they may be coming from. However, I often said, β€œAt our price point, we will probably never release a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon... But, as they say, it is often better to be lucky than to be good, and we are so happy to have lucked into this deep, gratifying Napa Cab. Even If I do have to admit that I was wrong."