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Welcome to Foot of the Bed Cellars


I’m Luc Bergevin, and together with Martin Sheehan-Stross, we’re building a wine company. To learn why we're doing this and what we're about, click here. Our twenty-third release is highlighted below.


2017 Gruner Veltliner

Winery: Vin du Lac Winery

Appellation: Columbia Valley

From Martin: "The sloping vineyards of Vin du Lac Winery necessitate hand harvesting, a costly and time-consuming process, but one that ensures maximum ripeness.

Although Gruner Veltliner is grown only in small quantities within the state, this example shows all of the fresh, zesty, slightly herbal character that one would expect from this underrated grape variety."

2015 Carignan

Winery: Jessie’s Grove Winery

Appellation: Lodi

From Martin:  "The Jessie’s Grove vineyard was first planted in 1888 by a German immigrant who had come to California looking for gold but instead found success as a farmer. Many of these old vines exist to this day, including the nearly 120-year-old vines that produced this wine. These gnarled vines produce a full-bodied style of Carignan, with juicy raspberry notes and a subtle smokiness. It is the perfect accompaniment to grilled burgers here at the end of summer."