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Welcome to Foot of the Bed Cellars


I’m Luc Bergevin, and together with Martin Sheehan-Stross, we’re building a wine company. To learn why we're doing this and what we're about, click here. Our twenty-first release is highlighted below.


2017 Viognier

Winery: Windsor Oaks

Appellation: Chalk Hill

From Martin: "Tucked away off Highway 101, Chalk Hill is one of two officially recognized subregions of the famed Russian River Valley... Although the soil here isn't technically chalk, the appearance of the white volcanic ash gives the area its name. This unique soil gives white wines, including this rich, fruit-forward Viognier, a tense, mineral sensation on the finish."

2014 Grenache

Winery: Bee Hunter Wines

Appellation: Mendocino County

From Martin:  "Grenache classically shows a very ripe fruit profile of macerated strawberries, red cherries, and roasted plum. Lower in tannin and acidity than many other grapes, the soft structure makes for a wine that is very easy to drink while still featuring plenty of complexity."